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Linux Starter Guide

TL;DR: This is a guide for anyone new to Linux, or that have never used Linux before. After reading the guide, you should be able to switch from Windows, macOS or ChromeOS to Linux, or at least know more about it and why many people prefer it. What is Linux? You can think of Linux as an alternative to Windows and macOS; An operating system for your computer. An OS is responsible for managing the computer’s physical components (hardware) and programs (software)....

June 28, 2024 · 9 min · 1807 words · TrudeEH

Smartphone Security and Privacy Guide

The current state of smartphones Most people own a smartphone. They are extremely useful tools, but they are also a nightmare for security and privacy. This guide will attempt to help you improve your security and privacy while using a smartphone, without losing useful functionality. There are, mainly, three types of smartphone: Android Devices iOS Devices (the iPhone) Dumb phones / brick phones / feature phones (KaiOS or custom) Android Android by default is the most customizable of the bunch....

June 16, 2024 · 7 min · 1358 words · TrudeEH

Linux vs FreeBSD vs OpenBSD

Why am I doing this (again)? I’ve been using Linux for many years, and recently tried FreeBSD on a spare laptop. I didn’t see many differences initially, but it got me wondering: What really are the differences between Linux and *BSDs? Which OS should I use? Of course, the short answer is always the same: It depends. So, I had to decide what is most important to me. Before continuing, I recommend that you do the same....

June 10, 2024 · 5 min · 853 words · TrudeEH

Wayland vs Xorg

A bit of context What is a display server? If you use Linux or any BSD variant, you have likely heard of, and used, a display server. A display server is the component required to load any graphics or graphical user interfaces (GUIs - most browsers, games, …) and display any video content. The display server also handles input, manages the physical display, listens for requests to draw graphics, and supports hardware acceleration....

June 6, 2024 · 4 min · 788 words · TrudeEH

Exploring FreeBSD

TL;DR Although I’ve heard of BSD before and have experience with Linux, I have never attempted to run a “true” BSD system (excluding macOS) as a daily driver. I likely made mistakes along the way, and not everything went as planned. If you are an experienced FreeBSD user, feel free to correct me or send some tips my way. I’ll read any emails I receive. I will definitely revisit FreeBSD in the future....

June 1, 2024 · 4 min · 776 words · TrudeEH